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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Effective PPC (Pay Per Click) & Ad Campaigns

For many start-ups, PPC advertising can be a good way to get traffic flowing to their website. However, what is often overlooked and is one of most important aspects of a successful PPC campaign, is both a strategic plan and click management.

Before engaging in a PPC campaign, you should consider the following first:

  • Analytics and ad campaign tracking.
  • The creation of specific landing pages for specific ads.
  • Ensure that you have a way to re-connect with users once they’ve arrived.
  • Have specific conversion goals set prior to campaign launch for metrics.

Putting It All Together

As with any good on-line marketing program, it is important to do preliminary research on competition and your target audience. Not until you have determined your budget, and all of the key elements for the campaign are in place, should you roll out the campaign as it can become very costly to shift gears “on the fly”. Lastly, it is essential to track analytics and metrics to determine where adjustments can be made to improve campaign results.