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All Dressed Up But Nowhere to Go

Do you have a great web site, but very little traffic or user interaction? Do not be discouraged. Marketing your business on-line is an on-going process. It begins with a website that functions well, is aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to use, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Building your audience, on-line presence and leveraging growth only occurs through consistent efforts and relevant communications.

Information Is Power

Before engaging in any internet marketing campaign, it is crucial to take the time to understand your on-line market from your toughest competitors to your target audience. In order to begin cultivating a successful on-line marketing campaign, ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. How does my internet presence measure up to the competition?
  2. How are my competitors utilizing their website?
  3. How well are my competitor’s sites indexed in search engines?
  4. How is my competition interacting with their audience across social media sites?
  5. What internet marketing methods are my competitors using (e.g. e-mail marketing, social media, viral videos/content) to generate new prospects, customers, and sales?
  6. How effective is my competition’s communication and how does it reflect on their on-line presence?

Having that information is invaluable because it will illuminate your strengths and weaknesses in the internet marketing arena. With that insight, you can then begin to create a stronger on-line presence.

Once you have a handle on how to compete on-line, it is time to understand who your audience is and what motivates them to take action. Understanding how to engage your audience is just as important as the message itself. It is this information that will enable you to fine tune your internet marketing efforts for the greatest possible ROI.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

We place great emphasis on the importance of tracking and understanding the analytical data associated with your website, e-mail marketing campaigns, and social networks. Analytics allow us to fully see how effective our on-line marketing efforts are and, more specifically, it helps us target areas that can either be improved or eliminated so revenues can be maximized.