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Mobile Site Design

Mobile Device Use Is On The Rise

According to Forbes, “There’s nothing hotter for consumers than tablet devices and smart phones. There’s also nothing more terrifying for IT than tablet devices and smart phones.” There are many indicators that we are moving in a technological direction where mobile usage is on the rise and dominating how we access the internet.

Do Yourself a Solid

With the increase in the use of mobile technology for accessing the web, business owners will do themselves a great dis-service by not developing a mobile website. Websites designed and developed for PC users may not function well, or at all in mobile devices. For example, Flash technology will not work on the iPhone. This is a great dis-service to both yourself and your users. The site’s layout may work well for the PC user, but it can be in disarray for mobile device users, making their experience an unpleasant one.

If you’ve tested your site on a mobile device, and it fails to function or is difficult to use, then you need a mobile site that is created specifically for mobile users. A simple re-direct to your mobile site from your main site, upon detecting a mobile device, is simple to integrate. You can then create a directory within your site or a sub domain to develop a mobile site that caters to the mobile device user.