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E-commerce Is More Than Just Clicking the “Buy” Button

Often, it is thought that e-commerce is the ability to take an order on-line, but that is only one component of many that are essential for on-line revenue generation. E-commerce comprises the whole gamut of available technologies available to make a sale. Consider the various ways to implement a shopping cart structure, the e-commerce platform and technology your website is developed on, and how you intend to market on-line to drive users (both unique and returning) back to your site in an effort to make a sale.

Deciding on the Specific Technology

Many e-commerce solutions are available to start-ups and small businesses alike, that are both cost effective and easy to use. You do not need to have many bells and whistles to begin generating revenue on-line.

That being said, A plan to continuously upgrade your e-commerce capabilities is essential. As you drive more on-line sales, it’s imperative to ensure that function and user experience are consistently improved. As traffic increases and more demands are made on the server and website, you need to be able to accommodate your users demands. Preliminary planning and projections will allow for a clear direction and budget estimations to allow for expansion of infrastructure and resources, such as server bandwidth and data storage.