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i2x Studios has the technical skill set and modern marketing savvy
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  • Increase Your Online Conversions

    In 2009, I had an eCommerce business called Vapor Guys (electronic cigarettes and related accessories). Most of the marketing for the business was web based, and the business was profitable inside of 3 months. There are two things to keep in mind regarding our audience at the time. First, I knew that I could leverage… Continue Reading

    Increase Your Online Conversions
  • 3 Tips to Improving Customer Relations on Twitter

    While customers will still make a phone call or send an email when they have an issue or need support, they are utilizing social media more and more to address their needs. How does this shift in behavior impact your business? Well, it impacts it in several ways. First, you have to take into consideration… Continue Reading

    3 Tips to Improving Customer Relations on Twitter
  • Marketers, Have No Fear — Your Leads Are Not Wasted!

    An article on HubSpot really resonated with me as I’ve been on both sides of this coin. If you’re a marketer that is frustrated with your sales team, then here’s some good insight for you to consider. So you’ve spent a ton of time and energy building the sales funnel for your sales reps, but… Continue Reading

    Marketers, Have No Fear — Your Leads Are Not Wasted!
  • Measure Social Media ROI with Ease

    How can we see ROI within our social media marketing campaigns? Well, it’s actually very simple! In a recent article on Mashable, Todd Wasserman explains the 5 Dead Simple Ways to Track Social Media ROI: 1. Coupons and Offers If you offer a coupon solely on Facebook, then you know with 100% accuracy that every… Continue Reading

    Measure Social Media ROI with Ease
  • Social Net Speech Is Protected? Not So Fast!

    Steven Greenhouse, a writer with the New York Times, reports that many of the blanket restrictions on employee social network activity are illegal. There has not been any new legislation cited, but the National Labor Relations Board is simply applying old laws to new technology. National Labor Relations Board …workers have a right to discuss… Continue Reading

    Social Net Speech Is Protected? Not So Fast!
  • Readability; It’s Not Just for Writers

    I grew up a colloquial writer. It was one of my favorite things to do; to write how people speak, to write how people think. Often times I believe that the words we are using have become ineffective, useless in this world of “txt u l8r” and those blog-writing jargon cannons, foaming at the keyboard.… Continue Reading

    Readability; It’s Not Just for Writers
  • No Matter How Big You Get, You’re Still Accountable

    Scott Monty is no slouch. He’s the global head of social media at Ford Motor Company, and checking out his personal blog is the easiest way to get some insight into how the world of social media works. Monty wrote an article about the the out-lash Instagram received after changing the wording in their privacy… Continue Reading

    No Matter How Big You Get, You’re Still Accountable
  • 6 Big Myths About SEO

    Michael Mothner, founder and CEO of Wpromote.com, writes an article to bring you up to speed on the what’s what of Google SEO. Chances are, what you think about how this behemoth scores data is outta date! “In the world of online marketing, misinformation abounds–and it gets compounded exponentially by an incredibly dynamic and rapidly… Continue Reading

    6 Big Myths About SEO

Entice. Connect. Engage.

We understand that not everyone’s needs are the same, and that is why we craft a specific internet marketing strategy for each individual client. We work to achieve specified goals tailored to increase visibility, lead generation, and revenue.

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Social Media

Tracking your campaigns are very important in understanding what matters most to your audience. It is through analytics that we can track activity throughout your social media and then fine tune to achieve optimal results.

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Business Building

It is important to think beyond just putting up a website. How will you align the growth of your business with your website? How will you utilize your website now and in the future? Consider ways that you can generate users, increase interaction, and make sales short and long term.

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Web Design & Development

Tailoring a plan for your website is essential for how you will grow your site’s user base. Determine how you will communicate beyond your site, and what components, functionality, and resources will be needed to achieve steady user interaction and long term growth.

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