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For many businesses who have the need for editing and adding content to their website, but lack the technical in-house resources to do it, WordPress is a great solution. There are a host of plugins to improve or add functionality to your WordPress website and an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) for easily editing and adding content.

Don’t Over-do It

While having all of this technology at your finger tips may sound really exciting, there are some critical factors to consider when choosing plugins. Since WordPress is open source software, it is important to consider how reliable the developers are in keeping their plugins updated and staying on top of bug fixes. Additionally, a good indicator that the plugin has integrity, is when the developer consistently makes improvements and resolves user issues.

Ensuring that your site performs well is important, too. Installing many plugins can significantly slow down site performance. When choosing plugins to install, be very selective. If you don’t absolutely NEED it, don’t install it as site performance far out weighs the bells and whistles you think will impress your users.